Giving grants to local charities in 45 towns in North & Central England

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  • Care for older people
  • Children’s welfare
  • Education
  • Physical/mental health

  • Grants up to £1,000

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Gay & Peter Hartley’s Hillards Charitable Trust

A Yorkshire based grant-making Charitable Trust founded in Leeds in 1988, the Trust makes grants to local charities in 11 counties in North & Central England.

Hillards was a family grocery business that traded from 1885 to 1987. In 1972 it became a public company and when it was taken over via a hostile take-over bid in May 1987 Hillards employed more than 7,500 people across 40 supermarkets in 40 towns.

Based on the public-spirited values of the company’s founding family, the Trust's mission is to support social welfare opportunities in the towns once served by Hillards stores.

The Trust makes grants to local charitable organisations that share the Trust's vision of enhancing social support in those communities.

Grants are made in 15 towns in West Yorkshire, 6 in South Yorkshire, 5 in Lancashire, 4 in North Yorkshire, 4 in Lincolnshire, 3 in Nottinghamshire, 3 in Derbyshire and 2 in Northamptonshire. The Trust also makes grants in Peterborough, Brownhills and Leicester.

Full List of Towns